Coding, Maths and Minecraft


Code Breaker School

Exclusive lessons for future tech entrepreneurs

We organise lessons in Coding, Maths and Minecraft on Sundays at the David Lloyd Club in Narborough Village. The lessons are constructed in a way that allows kids to develop their coding skills and participate in software development projects. We are happy to accept children without previous knowledge of programming as long as they are committed to learning.

With regard to Maths, we follow the national curriculum. We help the children complete their homework, enhance their skills and dive deep into mathematics. We also allow them to play Minecraft in an attempt to sweeten the deal!

In order to participate in the group you will need to have your own laptop or tablet. Lessons take place on Sundays between 16:00 and 18:00. The study is completely personalised, so no child will be left behind

The cost is only 10 pounds per hour. The first hour is FREE. Your child may want to attend coding, or maths, or both.

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