Minecraft at the University of Leicester

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Our Coding Breakers demanded to have a class on Minecraft! So, we decided to make their wish come true! After the Christmas holidays, we will start a Minecraft and History of Architecture Class at the University of Leicester. We will allow the children (7-14 years old) to construct ancient Greek temples, theatres, and other buildings on Minecraft. And then, we will let them have some creative play in the environment they have built.

The course will last 4 consecutive Sundays, starting on 5th January. Each session will last one hour from 14:00 to 15:00 in the afternoon and will cost £7 per child.

The children will need to bring their own equipment, whether it is a laptop, a tablet or a phone. The Minecraft platform will need to be installed in them BEFORE they arrive at the university. This way, they can utilise all of the available time for building.

Just send us an email, if you are interested, to register your child.

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