Mike’s Big Day!

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Once upon a time there was a boy called Mike. Every  year that passed he wanted more and more to become a robber. One day, when he was 31 years old, he was watching the news on his golden tv. The news said that Owlrita, an owl that was half monster, had stolen all of the Queen’s gold. So, Mike thought “if I defeat Owlrita, I will steal all the money that Owlrita had, and I will become the richest person in the world”! But then the news said that they didn’t know where Owlrita lived. So it said “you cant steal the Queens money!” .

Mike travelled across the whole entire world, until he got to a dark forest. Luckily he brought a sword with him, so he can protect himself. He went deeper in the dark forest, until he saw something glowing . Then he followed It. Once it vanished, he got lost.

In the deep forest he found stacks of money and gold. He was going to take the treasure, when he heard Owlrita saying “Koo Koo! Don’t steal my gold!”. Mike put the gold down and took his sword out. He started swinging it around but then Owlrita stamped her foot down and all her little minions went after Mike. He ran out of the dark forest as quick as he could.

He was looking for a bigger weapon, so that he fights Olwrita. But all he found was a baby owl. He just took it and thought, if he showed it to Owlrita, he could make her think that he’s got one of her minions. So he went back in the dark forest to show it to Owlrita. But, when Owlrita saw it, she didn’t think it was one of her minions, because it was too small and too cute. Instead, she started crying.

But what made her cry? Well I will tell you. It was because she used to have a friend named Ella. But when Owlrita got mutated by a zombie, her friend ran away. And that’s what made her cry. She cried so much that even Mike felt sad about it. Than Mike asked Owlrita “Will you be my friend?”. And Owlrita said “Of course”! And she stamped her foot down again and all her minions ran away.

Then Mike said “I might know a cure for this”. So Mike went to his house to find the cure but he couldn’t find one. He heard the tv say “If you want to find the cure you will have to travel distance”. Mike went back in the dark forest. He and Owlrita in a Poof! off they went on a magic adventure.

They found themselves on a long journey to the far lands, where they would find the cure. But then a witch appeared in the middle of nowhere and said “I will never let you through”. With a swish of her wand a dragon appeared. It was big, furry and black with green swirly eyes and as big as a ware wolf. As furious as ever it swung its wings really fast and it said “Rar!” in a really loud voice. The air from its wings pulled them back.

Owlrita said “I know what to do”. She used to be the one to block people from getting the cure, when she was mutated. So, she knew how the dragon would stop her. At that point, the dragon recognised Owlrita and said “why are you with a good guy?”. Owlrita told the dragon the whole story. The dragon let them through and they carried on their journey.

They came to a temple and Owlrita said “it was a trap”. Unfortunately, Mike didn’t listen, so he went in the temple. He stepped on a pressure plate and fell in a hole. Owlrita decided to get Mike out the hole but it didn’t work. She also tried to get him out by flying. Even that didn’t work, because she hadn’t flew in ages. And then she remembered that she had a magic carpet. She put the magic carpet in the hole. Mike climbed on it and tried to walk but his legs hurt. So, they had to use the magic carpet.

When they were flying, Mike saw something. He said “It’s the cure! It’s the cure!!!” So then they went down to see it. But there was only a butterfly. And the butterfly said “I am the cure”. Owlrita ate the butterfly and she turned back into a normal owl and they lived happily ever after.

The story has been written by Eliana Muston. Eliana is 8 year old and goes to Brooke House Day School in Cosby. She wants to become an author, a doctor, an astronaut and a youtuber. Her mummy edited the story in order to correct spelling mistakes, as you would expect. She is a member of the Code Breaker’s Club and she would like to share her stories with you.

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