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5 Days of fun filled activities during school holidays.

Holiday Clubs by Code Breaker School

Our holiday clubs are designed to give children an enjoyable learning experience, while enhancing their code and maths understanding. Our clubs run for 3 or 5 days, Monday to Friday 10AM to 4PM. They are held during school holidays such as February half term, Easter, Summer Holidays and October half term. You can find us in leading schools across the Midlands.

Coding and maths are not the only skills they children will develop. The curriculum includes teamwork, presentation, communication skills, as well as logical and computational thinking abilities. Our tutors make certain to follow your kids abilities and teach them according to their level of understanding.

The cost varies according to school. If you want us to run our program for the benefit of your children, call us for a chat.

We do not accept Child Care Vouchers

Learning through fun and games!


We are a team of academics and developers who passionate about coding and young people. Our aim is to help young developers sharpen their skills.


“It’s great fun. I love coding and maths and spend hours of fun on the computer. I also love playing Minecraft with my friends” – Eliana 8


We provide children with the essential tools they need to become successful in life. After all, coding and maths are part of the new digital economy we are building.


Our courses are fun, interactive, educational. They are designed to inspire a passionate love of coding that will stay with them for life!

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