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It sounds like such a cliche when you announce that you want to build a better world for your kids. It is oh! so presumptuous to contemplate changing the world even in the slightest! But we are allowed to dream! Right? Especially when our dreams involve our precious ones!

Code Breakers Club has been our dream for a very long time. We have young kids – from 6 to 10 years old – and we want to provide them with the best tools we can get for their lives. We believe that in order to survive in the New Digital Economy, they will need to develop specific skills apart from the traditional English and Maths. They will need programming, creativity, entrepreneurship, team spirit. And the sooner they develop them, the more successful they will become.

So, we set out to find a way to give them these skills. We searched high and low across Leicestershire. The schools certainly did not help as they could give them only the most traditional education. We looked in the private sector to find out, if there were any providers for serious coding. None fit our specifications. After all, we were not looking for a child minding services that offered a bit of coding on the side.

We are here to foster the new tech entrepreneurs. They will need regular tuition, a like minded group to rely on, and a creative outlet.

Our free events in Leicester are only the first step towards the desired outcome. They exist to give a short introduction to the children and identify how many of them are truly interested in learning how to code.

Then the parents can chose whether they want to continue with short introductory courses or continuous education in coding. These range from simple exercises in every day code (lessons on Sundays at the University of Leicester) or more advanced coding skills (exclusive courses in small groups of six).

Especially the exclusive courses do NOT follow the National Curriculum, which we think is not adequate for our future needs. They have been developed by senior computer scientists and they aim at determined parents and students.

If you want to call us, we are happy to discuss the details and figure out what is best for your little one.

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