Coding events for children in the Apple Store, Highgate Leicester

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I am so pleased to announce that the Apple Store decided to support us in our efforts to spread the coding ‘bug’ in Leicester! These are not the massive events we are organising for the University of Leicester and the National Space Centre. They are designed for only 15 children who are interested in programming.

The Apple Store is providing us with the latest tools for children in coding and robotics. The kids will have the change to learn coding by using Apple Playground. They will play with the little robots and they will design their movements in code. They will even get the chance to use Harry Potter’s Wand in the coding world! Last but not least, they will get information on how to code in Swift, a language used in ios applications.

The events will be taking place on Saturdays or Sundays at the Apple Store outside Opening Hours. We do not have a schedule but we will be advertising them in sequence. Keep an eye on the website and on Facebook for more details and sign ups. Act fast when you see the advertisement! They are normally fully booked within the first or second day!

We hope that the children will get a taste of coding and we will light up their passion for computers.

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