Code Breakers and Covid19

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It has already been 10 months, since the last time our school was open! In the meantime, we have all experienced lockdowns, testing, isolation, quarantines and everything else the pandemic has thrown upon us. I hope that most of us survived and some of us even thrived during this period.

As we are in our third and the most difficult lockdown, I thought I should update our community about the plans we have. We are still waiting for the restrictions to be lifted and the university to allow us to use the library facilities and computer rooms. When we ensure that the environment is perfectly safe for both students and their parents, we will commence operations as normal.

Given the accelerated pace of vaccine manufacturing and distribution, even if the coronavirus cases are currently on the rise, we believe that we will be able to start the lessons again after Easter. The exact date will depend on the governmental and university guidelines.

There will be some changes in the existing curriculum. As you know, last year we focused on teaching coding for primary school pupils (and some exceptional secondary students). This year we are planning to add mathematics in the curriculum. The reason for such a change is because we realised how intrinsically connected the two disciplines are.

And just to give you a taste of the future… Once we make certain that our cohort is doing well and they are learning fast and furiously, we will add such lessons as Science, Grammar and Preparation for the 11+

Watch this space!

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