Bletchley Park and the Code Breakers visit

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We are planning a visit at Bletchley park in the spring 2019! We have not set a date yet but we are looking for expressions of interest. We will admit only 10 families in the group in order to keep the event manageable and simplify arrangements.

I suspect you all know what Bletchley Park stands for. Just in case, I should probably remind you that it was a centre of secret intelligence during the Second World War and is considered the birthplace of modern Informatics. In the past twenty years it became a heritage attraction and receives visitors from around the world.

We hope that the children will feel inspired and will want to know more… and do more with their computers. And I expect that the parents will also find the place interested and the day enjoyable.

So, if you let us know if you would like to come, we can discuss the day and the arrangements.

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